Rear Center High Brake Light Issue

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Rear Center High Brake Light Issue

Postby Jbenrod » Wed Aug 23, 2017 5:08 am

Over the last two years, I have my center rear brake light stop working three times. It did it again last week. I have sprayed electrical cleaner into the socket and that made no difference. At first I thought my bulbs were just burning out and I would replace them but I have learned that the bulbs are fine; it's just that they are seating a bit too deep in the socket. So I placed a very small piece of folded paper in the bottom of the socket this time so the bulb couldn't go in so far and it's working for now. These bulbs have a very small point (or tab) at the bottom and apparently it's not long enough even though they are a major brand - Sylvania 921 Long Life.

I wonder has anyone else experienced this problem?

Also for the record if others find this and are changing the bulb, there is a black plastic housing cover that releases by removing a plastic push pin on each end. You can usually release the bulb socket after removing the cover but you do not have enough access to insert the socket back in place. I have then tried removing the red plastic lens and that doesn't help. Then removing the two 10mm bolts and popping out the entire housing unit. That will work but seems to risk breaking the plastic and I would think that there has to be an easier way to change this bulb. If anyone remembers how they got access to that bulb socket please post because it always seems harder than it should be for me.

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