Lightbulb types for dashboard controls Gen 1

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Lightbulb types for dashboard controls Gen 1

Post by bigdoug » Wed Aug 09, 2017 4:46 pm

I have the center panels off the dashboard in order to replace the bulbs behind the climate controls, and I've decided to replace all of them. There is no official list of bulb types for the Gen 1 Vibe on this site, so it was some trial and error to figure out what bulbs are used for each. So, I decided to share this info using a list so you guys will know what to use as well.

Most of the bulbs are NEO wedge T3 and T4. You can tell the difference easily because the #3's have a base diameter of 8mm and the #4's have a base diameter of 10mm (or 1cm). The Neo #5's have a base diameter of 12cm, but there are none in our cars and I just mentioned that for reference.

Some of the bulbs have a rubber cover that changes the color of the bulb. That's how it colors the labels on the buttons. Other buttons have the labels already colored inside the button, so a white bulb will still cause the button to be the right color. Those ones are harder to change the color of the button labels than those who have a colored bulb. I noticed those below. Some lighted panels, like the automatic shifter or the climate control panel, have the label colors in the panel so a different colored bulb may create strange effects with the label colors.

Starting at the top and going counterclockwise:
Passenger airbag light - T4 clear. Cannot change color (labels are colored)
Defrost button light - T3 red. Clear labels, can be changed color.
Defrost button indicator - T3 amber. Clear, can be changed color.
Hazard button - T3 clear, labels are colored red, cannot use another color.

A/C and Recirculate buttons - one T4 red/orange. Can change label colors.
A/c and Recirculate on indicators - 3mm green LEDs soldered in. Don't know if you can swap these for different colors.

Climate control bulbs - two T4 bulbs, clear. The labels are colored from behind. If you use LED you can use white or red, just be aware that red will cause the blue dot on the temperature dial to turn red or purple or something.

Socket Ring (for those who have the cigarette lighter option, where there's a green light up ring around the socket)
I have no idea what bulb this is. I'm likely to just use suitcase joiners to tap some LEDs into this. I'll post what I do later in this thread. BTW the image below, the bulb normally is covered in a green rubber cap, I just removed it.
lightbulb.jpg (41.74 KiB) Viewed 696 times
115v inverter button - T3 green. Label also has green coloring so it's difficult to change color, although I stuck a blue LED into this and it turned it blue.
inverter button indicator - T3 amber. Cannot change the color of this.

Shifter - #74 white. Color is in the panel, so use a white bulb or led.

Driver's side window switch - 3mm green LED. Don't know if you can swap for a new color.

Places to get LED wedges and bulbs: - great prices on LEDs, but I found the wedges were too long or didn't illuminate in a wide enough arc. - Haven't shopped here yet, but I plan to try some of their wedges. - Warning! Ships from Hong Kong. Expect long shipping times. They also have an ebay store.
Amazon or Ebay - Cheap prices, but the wedges come in packs of 10 or 20, so you're buying way more than you need.

I have been replacing the bulbs with LEDs, but I have noticed a problem. LEDs tend to shine in only one direction where bulbs shine in all directions, so parts of the labels might not light up. Also, some of the LED neo wedges have been longer than the original bulbs and I've had trouble fitting them in locations.

Also, I have a question for you guys. I have noticed that the cigarette lighter ring doesn't illuminate all the way around. I had considered doing a color-changing ring for it, but it won't illuminate the entire ring. Any ideas?

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