Steering wheel controls using SWI-PS on 09 Vibe

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Steering wheel controls using SWI-PS on 09 Vibe

Postby Burkett1974 » Mon Mar 19, 2012 7:01 am

So I am attempting to hook up a SWI-PS to retain the steering wheel controls in my 09 Vibe GT when I upgrade my HU. I decided to skip the GMOS LAN adapter and go the cheapy route on the hook up. I don't need Onstar and I am replacing the factory HU, Sub, and Amp so I don't need the expensive harness.

I looked through the forums and could not locate the information on retaining the steering wheel functionality SO, I searched the web for a few days and came up with this information. I am performing this install this weekend and will report on the validity of the information, but I would assume it is correct at this point. Hopefully it helps others in this situation.

The info is in the attached doc as I couldn't cut and paste and still retain the pics in this post.

Attached files SWI-PS09Vibe.docx (37 KB) 
09 Vibe GT

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