Battery replacement advise

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Battery replacement advise

Post by waynesmith » Mon Jan 14, 2019 9:44 pm

A few days ago i was driving my car and after some time the car front bonet had created a noise and had some fire in it and suddenly the car stopped , after checking it i came to know that the car battery had a short circuit which causes fire in the bonet and after taking it to the local roadside mechanic, he tells me that you need to replace the battery and he tells me 2-3 options but there prices are high according to me, so tell me some good options of car battery? and which place is the best to buy ? wallmart , autozone or from online?

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Re: Battery replacement advise

Post by Caretaker » Tue Jan 15, 2019 5:53 am

Yes, Johnson Controls, which produces many of today's car batteries, has really raised the prices over the past couple of years. Consumer Reports continues to give the Maxx Ever Start battery at Walmart high ratings. I just had to replace mine after 5.5 years. The original Maxx only had a 3 year warranty with it. The current ones are 5 years, with 3 of that being full replacement. I also just replaced my Interstate battery in my Vibe at Costco. My first one gave out 3 days before the full replacement warranty ran out so I got a new one for free. Unfortunately Costco no longer has their Kirkland battery which was a great battery. They now only carry Interstate which I'm not a big fan of given the high price. Unless you have a lot of money and can afford the Duralast, Interstate, Die Hard or Super Start Platinum, I'd simply go to Walmart and get the Maxx Ever Start. It has been high on CRs ratings for over 5 years now and is also the cheapest option. Just expect 5 years and no more out of it.

It always spooks me every time my battery dies (2 cars in 2 months) because I always jump to the conclusion that the alternator has failed, causing the battery to suddenly fail. The first time that my alternator actually did fail, I smelled a burning odor from the internal metal wires melting. While I always replace the battery first, I am always paranoid that the alternator is bad and will just run down my new battery. That did not happen with either car this past 2 months. Maybe the battery light on the dash would illuminate if the alternator was failing and if I don't see that idiot light, I can just assume it is the battery only.
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Re: Battery replacement advise

Post by hogdoctor » Wed Jan 16, 2019 3:18 am

I get all my automotive batteries from AC Delco, GM dealer battery. Might cost you a few extra dollars, but they're a solid dependable unit. Your discount may vary, but I got a new one for $114 at my local dealer. It's not unusual to see the AC Delco batteries last over ten years, last one I replaced at 14 years old.

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