2010 Vibe 1.8L Timing Chain Tensioner Gasket / O Ring

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2010 Vibe 1.8L Timing Chain Tensioner Gasket / O Ring

Post by ent3rix » Sun Dec 02, 2018 1:31 pm

Has anyone experienced issues with 2nd gen vibe 2ZR-FE I4 leaking oil around the timing chain tensioner? I'm having a difficult time finding part numbers for the gasket & o-ring.

I saw a couple posts for 1st gen vibe, but nothing on 2nd gen. viewtopic.php?t=45095

Also curious if some of the warnings for the 1st gen 2zz pertain to 2nd gen.

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Re: 2010 Vibe 1.8L Timing Chain Tensioner Gasket / O Ring

Post by zbyers » Mon Jan 07, 2019 12:52 pm

This tensioner should be what you are looking for.

https://www.rockauto.com/en/catalog/pon ... ioner,5736

I have not done this on the 2009 or 2010 so cannot comment if the same warnings apply. The warnings were just simply the clearance issue you will encounter from the belt tensioner arm. You should be able to easily determine that by reaching on the backside and seeing how close the nuts holding the timing chain tensioner are to where the belt tensioner is.
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Re: 2010 Vibe 1.8L Timing Chain Tensioner Gasket / O Ring

Post by Caretaker » Mon Jan 07, 2019 7:06 pm

2zrfe: known problems with Corolla engines due to crappy design by toyota once again. $2,000 to lift your engine out just to replace a $7 timing cover gasket. What a joke. Sorry and good luck. I bit the bullet and had it done with a ton of regrets so far. If my car lasts another 3 years, I will have forgotten all about it.
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