O2 Sensors - FWD 1.8L/110 - 09 VIBE

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O2 Sensors - FWD 1.8L/110 - 09 VIBE

Post by rboldon » Mon Apr 09, 2018 6:37 am

Hi All,

I've got a 2009 Vibe (Front Wheel Drive 1.8L/110) and am having some issues with the 02 Sensors (I think...). The first sign was that the car was turning over but wouldn't start. The fuel was quite low, but no light came on and it wasn't empty so I filled it up halfway, put some more oil in it and after a day or so of sitting there it started really rough but eventually was fine. About a day or so later, I was driving and the check engine, VSC and traction light all came on at the same time. I took it to my usual garage and they told me that I have an issue with the 02 sensor and/or an exhaust leak in the area of the 02 sensor. Their suggestion was to fix the exhaust leak first as it is significantly cheaper and it may have been giving a bad reading to the 02 sensor. However, I picked it up from the garage and within 10-20 km of driving, the same three lights came on again. Now I would generally just take it back to the garage, but they told me that they could only get the part for just shy of $600. so I'm probably looking at a $700-$800 fix. Does this price make sense? I have done quite a few fixes myself and am wondering if this is something I could do? I understand there is two 02 meters and I can confirm with the garage which one is faulty.

Any guidance is appreciated.



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Re: O2 Sensors - FWD 1.8L/110 - 09 VIBE

Post by hogdoctor » Wed Jun 06, 2018 1:39 am

Their diagnosis makes no sense to me, the exhaust issue
may be an obvious problem, but not one that would prevent the engine from starting. Engine codes first, if the lights came on, they should have stored a reason for it. If not, maybe the ECM is rebooting due to a flaky ground or power input via the ignition switch or relays. Also check the system voltage for over charging or under charging, as incorrect system voltage can cause all sorts of weird behavior.

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Re: O2 Sensors - FWD 1.8L/110 - 09 VIBE

Post by jolt » Tue Jun 12, 2018 10:16 am

rboldon wrote:
Does this price make sense?

What was the code or codes that caused the "Check Engine" light to come on? I would say that it looks like you have multiple problems, not just one.

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