07' 5 spd bearing situation

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07' 5 spd bearing situation

Post by tmark » Sat Dec 23, 2017 8:30 am

Have seen issues with the above bearing on this site and tried to have mine looked at by my transmission guy. He might fix it. He might not. Says the parts must come from the dealer and can take a long time to get. So..........
1. Is this typical for this bearing to be "dealer only"?
2. If not, anyone have a cross part number and mfg. to use?
3. Would a tranny switch out better in the long run? And if so which trans. would be best?
I typically keep a car until the wheels fall off. Last one had 445,000 and was retired after being struck for the 5th time in its life. Not bad for a 1990 Corolla.

Thanks ahead, Mark

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