need help on 2009 rear exhaust pipe heat shield attachment

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need help on 2009 rear exhaust pipe heat shield attachment

Post by leemur » Tue Mar 28, 2017 12:47 pm

The Toyota dealer just told me he was going to order a new heat shield because he and the GM guy he talked to are confident that the rear attachment nut (grommet?) comes only with the shield....I told him NO.
Seriously buy the whole shield to get a nut/grommet/insulator? Then I would have to figure out how to get the front nut off.

So does anyone have a pic of the mid/rear hear shield. It is the one that tucks up under the converter hear shield...if the back attachment comes loose the shield would lay right on the pipe. Mine is. I have no idea what it looks like but I have to figure out a way to secure it without buying a $70+ shield to get it.
The nut is just to the left of the exhaust pipe, mid car. I sure could use a pic please. Right now I'm just planning to wire it up like old school days.

I had gotten under it one night at work and used a bunch of washers and a wing nut...didn't stay on.
Its funky because the heat shield has a 1" or bigger hole and the bolt that sticks down is like an 8mm with a wider part above it.

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