Looking at high mileage GT

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Looking at high mileage GT

Postby gtv237 » Thu Mar 23, 2017 8:12 pm

Hello all, I love my 09 base so much that I am looking to buy another. The vehicle I'm looking at is a 165k(still a baby, I know) 2009 GT decked out with premium audio and a sunroof. Two things I've wished for ever since I purchased my vibe 3 years ago.

So obviously my main concern is oil consumption. I don't mind rebuilding the engine eventually but if I purchase the car this isn't something I want to deal with right away. I'd also hate to wreck a cat by pumping oil through it. My 1.8 has 170k and consumes a quart every 5000 miles. Basically what I need is guidance on how likely it is that the motor is trashed.

No. 2 Is there a manufacture date cutoff on the steering column problem? My vibe has the original column and there are absolutely no problems.

General opinions? Input?

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